The Forgotten Secrets of the Kodachrome Shooters

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The Forgotten Secrets of the Kodachrome Shooters

The Friedman Archives Press
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Once upon a time, professional photographers got great, high-impact images without autofocus, without RAW, and without postprocessing.

How did they do it?  And can these simple techniques be applied to modern cameras and smartphones?

Taught by a professional stock photographer, Gary L. Friedman builds a solid foundation and shares the forgotten secrets to "Wow!" images that nobody seems to talk about anymore.  No technical knowledge nor computer required!

This 3-hour video lecture is designed for maximum retention - the course is divided up into eight chapters, with each chapter followed by a synopsis, further reading, and exercises to help drive home the main points.  The course is intuitive, easy to follow, and you'll walk away wondering why nobody else explains things with this much clarity.

Here's what you'll learn:

* The compositional secrets of the National Geographic photographers

* How to "see" light like the Hollywood Cinematographers do, and make the most of available light

* Compositional rules derived from the world of fine art

* The difference between snapshots and photographs (and why both are important)

* Add drama to your images with wireless flash (with live demonstrations)

* The secrets to outstanding travel photography

* Exercises for creativity and composition

* The "inner game" mindsets used by all the photographic masters

* How your exposure meter thinks (or "Why can't the camera just make it look the way I see it?")

* A practical "zen" approach to compelling images without having to get bogged down in technical stuff 

======== TESTIMONIALS =======

“Unpretentious photographer sharing his knowledge and experience shamelessly! Gary, you were AWESOME!” - Lisa Buchanan

“This is the best photography class I have taken to date. Thanks, Gary!” – Heather Cromwell

“I’m a very happy camper – can’t wait to get out and practice al that I learned!” - Anna Lakenman

“Gary is a knowledgeable & passionate photographer who doesn’t let the rapid evolution of technology get in the way of teaching the basics required for taking great photos.” – Karen Runge

So go ahead... take the next step to getting more "Wow!" from the camera you already have!

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